Review from OnlineBookClub.org
The Surgeon’s Wife by William H Coles is a captivating story that explores the subjects of broken families, mental health and unconditional love. The book has a few plot twists and an intriguing storyline which grip the reader’s attention throughout the read. All the characters are well-developed and the root of their personas are well explained. Even though this book has a medical theme, the author ensured that this did not overshadow the flow of the story. However, I wished the author explained some of the medical vocabulary that were used for the audience that have completely no knowledge of some medical terms. The book has been divided into 36 chapters that are brief making it easy for the reader to read through swiftly.
What I love most about the book is how the author highlights the issue of instability in families, particularly strained parent-child relationships. This topic was handled in a raw and explicit manner. I found it brave of the author to shed light on such a delicate matter. However, I did not dislike anything about the book. Read the entire review here…