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The book has a total of thirty four short stories, two graphic novel illustrations and one novella. The themes that arise from the book include: teenage pregnancy, child trafficking, love and romance, betrayal and infidelity, flawed justice systems as well as rogue religious leaders. The beauty of short stories is that they are pithy, thus the themes are very much out there.
The language used to narrate the stories is simple, but beautified with a vast vocabulary. The choice of words plus the phrasing of sentences, made the stories a delight to read. I loved how the author was very relatable in the stories, as the issues tackled were very much contemporary. That is very much like William H. Coles. There is no aspect of the book I disliked. I rate the book 4 out of 4 stars. The editing was top notch. The typesetting too was impeccable. I recommend the book to lovers of short stories and graphically illustrated stories.
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