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The Spirit of Want by Williams H. Coles is the story of a woman who never knew how to love because she never allowed herself to feel loved by her foster family. This was the foundation of a series of unfortunate events for her aided by the decisions she made. Fortunately, Luke was able to gather his life back together as he moved on with Elizabeth.

The book is a depiction of what happens in real life relationships, families, and the emotional struggles of adult life. There are numerous wants but in the end our choices still shape our lives.

I particularly loved the professional editing of the book and the attention to detail in every scene and chapter. The descriptions of every scenario were accurate, and it gives you a sense of the natural environment though out the characters’ journey. I, therefore, rate The Spirit of Want by Williams H. Cole 4 out of 4 stars. I highly recommend this book to young adults and families to understand how to navigate and build relationships.

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