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William H. Coles provides such a crazy yet believable story. Hiram McDowell is such a complex character who we love to hate, especially at the start of his story. Many events that happen are so surprising yet fit right into Hiram McDowell’s life. We are able to see things that are a direct result of McDowell’s actions as well as things that are just bad luck. The characters’ emotions were so descriptive and raw that it was hard not to feel things with them. Throughout the story, I enjoyed the variety of characters, each with their own problems and moral quandaries, as well as the emotional rollercoaster they provided.

The story makes us think about how far a person would go to maintain their successful image and status. A lot of events also made me think about my life and what my reaction would be if they were happening to me. Would I react the same way? Would I be better or worse than the characters? Nothing in this story was predictable, making it very enjoyable to read.

I would rate this a 4 out of 4. I found nothing negative to say about the story and enjoyed every second of it. The book was well-edited with no errors found. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys stories that keep you on your toes.
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