Grace Masso

Review from Readers’ Favorite FIVE STARS
In The Art of Creating Story by William H. Coles, the author defines the essential components of good fiction and teaches readers how to go about developing these elements. The main points of the book are developed in the first two parts that expose the concept of a story and the writing craft. In this book, readers will understand the place of character in literary fiction, how to successfully create drama, what it takes to write motivation into a character, and the techniques to writing characters that are real and compelling, themes that are clear and captivating, and dialogues that make the story come alive in the minds of the readers.

The first book of this author that I reviewed is the audiobook Spirit of Want, and I found it to be a great story, which is why I didn’t hesitate to pick up The Art of Creating Story. It is a goldmine for anyone who wants to excel in literary fiction. The author writes with grace and shares tips that will help readers plan their own stories and write them effortlessly. Whether they are looking to create stories with great pacing, infusing the writing with literary styles such as humor, or crafting plots that are clever and engaging, this book covers all of that. The book also features a series of interviews on writing and blog posts that are packed with useful information. There is an appendix featuring short stories, including “The Gift,” “The Amish Girl,” “The Necklace,” and others. William H. Coles’ book is a comprehensive work on how to write literary fiction, and while it offers advice on creating selling stories, it also entertains with the selection of spellbinding short stories by the author.