Grace Masso


Review from Readers’ Favorite FIVE STARS
The Spirit of Want by William H. Coles is an audiobook that tells the story of a successful female lawyer who falls in love with a TV-evangelist she is representing on a case of child sexual abuse. The evangelist skips the country and Lucy leaves everything — her career, husband, and child — and follows him to Africa. What happens next is shocking as she makes new discoveries about the man she believed loved her and the disturbing truth of her affair with him. What will it take her to rebuild her life after it is completely shattered, and is there still anything left for her when she returns home, broken and betrayed?

This is a story that has a lot of realism in it. The characters are solid and well-developed. Luke Osbourne meets Lucy MacMiel, both of them from successful and respectable families. They fall in love and marry and have a daughter. The author does a great job in writing their love story and family dynamics. Their daughter, Jennifer, is taken care of by Elizabeth, the nanny, most of the time. It is hard to determine when the couple drifts apart, as they seem to be perfect. But Lucy finds the evangelist irresistible and gets herself into a romance that eventually brings dire consequences. The key characters are well-written and Lucy’s recklessness is skillfully portrayed in the story. While the story starts slowly, it becomes emotionally engaging from the moment that Lucy encounters the evangelist facing prosecution.

Spirit of Want is read by the author and in a voice that translates the different elements of the story into a real experience for listeners. The intonation of voice and the observance of punctuation highlight the dramatic moments in the story and the emotions and thoughts of the characters are unmistakably clear. The recording is professionally done.