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There were some beautiful lessons featured in the story. Such as, multiple surgeries can have adverse effects to the patient that could lead to death. Don’t trust people who say they’d never do a particular errand or task, because people change as time changes. I also learned that some people live in an unhappy marriage life, they feel neglected and ignored by their mates and they wonder whether there is TRUE love. Honesty and freeness of speech in a relationship is vital to keep the bond strong. You can never serve two masters, either you’ll love one and hate the other. For instance, Clayton was overly committed to his work that he had less or no time for his family.

I rate the book at 4 out of 4 stars. I love medical related articles or stories, and the book didn’t disappoint me. The writing was easy to understand and it was well composed. I didn’t notice grammar errors in the writing. The book is ideal for everyone because the author accommodated diverse events that touched some relatable aspects of life.

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