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“The Surgeon’s Wife” by William H. Coles is a literacy drama with romance and medical elements that create originality and keeps the story addicting to read. It is a story most people can relate to. Not wanting to put the book down, since it is so interesting, and wants the reader to continue flipping the pages. The author Coles did an awesome job telling this tale as if it this really happened in the real world. A great read that captivates every moment, and highlights the issues going on. The chapters are very easy to read, and the words are very well written and the story is very descriptive as the rising plot of the book dives right in. Cole indulges the readers by starting off with the main characters known as Mike and Clayton whose tempestuous relationship shapes the events of this uproaring novel.
The Surgeon’s Wife is a really interesting book that I instantly got hooked on and would read it again! I give this story a 4/4, so yes I highly recommend this one.

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