Pamela Gossiaux

An Extraordinary – and Entertaining – Work of Fiction!

Coles is the winner of nearly 40 awards for his fiction, and I can see why. After reading McDowell and listening to a few of his short stories on his website, I believe he must be one of the most talented and prolific writers of our time.

McDowell grabs your attention immediately, as Hiram McDowell is attempting to scale a snowy mountain peak in Nepal. Near the summit, his fellow-climber falls from exhaustion and pleads for McDowell to help him. The result sets the tone for the rest of the novel.

McDowell, a world-renown surgeon and philanthropist, lives a posh and acclaimed existence. On his third marriage, this one for convenience, he only shows love for his three children. McDowell feels he has earned the right to whatever he wants (and in some ways he has, with all he has done in the medical world) but his hubris will be his fall when a terrible tragedy strikes his family.

Author William H. Coles writes a powerful story of self-discovery, retribution, and grief that covers the gamut of how the press can build or destroy a reputation, how we ourselves must live with the consequences of our actions, and what happens when dollars replace compassion in science.

Coles, an ophthalmic surgeon, brings his own experiences into this riveting tale. And his work will appeal to readers and writers alike. As a writer myself, I can’t say enough about his website, where he shares his wealth of information and resources with writers. You really need to visit it. He is also a lecturer and collector of antique furniture, a jazz musician, a painter, and a professor. He’s nothing short of amazing.

This is literary fiction at its best – but not the kind your teachers made you read. It’s entertaining, gripping, and leaves the reader with the desire to pick up another of Cole’s books. I can’t wait to see what he’s working on next. I highly recommend McDowell.