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I was captured by the scope of this book. Hiram and his daughter Sophie are extensive travelers worldwide and their separate searches for meaning in life take place on a grand stage of varied interests and circumstances throughout the book. Characters from all walks of life are presented, from the board room to the TV and publishing world, to the trailer park. These characters interact primarily with Hiram, but also with Sophie and Paige who are each in pursuit of their own happiness and fit in life, as they try to also determine how Hiram fits into their lives.
The dialogue also was very realistic and satisfying and fit the characters persona. This was especially difficult given the variety of the characters needed to populate a novel of this size. Except for some of the characters toward the end of the story, which I address as dislikes below, you could easily imagine these people having these conversations with each other. In addition, the dramatic tension among the three main characters, and within each, made for a very satisfying novel.
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