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In this published book, it embodies different situations in the real world. It revolves around the struggles of humanity and the characters’ strong personality to face those. Furthermore, it includes illustrations to fully picture the setting of the story. Coles portrays perfectly the vivid setting around the characters. They will forcefully drag you to their fiction world and they will make sure you will feel their anguish, grief, excitement, frustration, and surprise. It is really a roller coaster of emotions and every time you finish a story, you may want to stop for a while, recollect your thoughts and recover from the literary aftermath.
One must not expect happy endings in real life, likewise, please expect the same thing in some of the stories in this book. I personally have to step back with my mouth open to slowly internalize the ending. Yes, some are tragic but every now and then, you pick up pieces of lesson that was left in those tragic endings.
I give 4 out of 4 stars to this book. I have not seen mistakes or typos, exhibiting that this was a professionally edited piece. I admit, it is now my personal favorite because it is not your typical book. It is a perfect combination of reality and fiction. It will make you realize that even if it may or may not happen to you, but what if. What if you will experience those kind of dilemmas? Will you be as strong and determined as those characters and what should you do to not end up like some of them.
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