Rolanda Lyles

Review from Readers’ Favorite
William H. Coles’ The Surgeon’s Wife is a story set in New Orleans about Dr. Mike Boudreaux and his mentor, Dr. Clayton Otherson. The story opens with Mike in surgery and called to assist Otherson because his surgery is going awry. The patient is saved, but Otherson’s mishap opens the door for complaints and eventually a malpractice claim against him for his elective surgeries. Dr. Mike Boudreaux is busy trying to shield his aging friend and mentor from the accusations and retaliation. Later, during the story, Mike falls for Otherson’s wife, Catherine. A relationship develops and she gets a divorce from her husband. Dr. Otherson becomes revengeful and blames his wife and former mentee for his hardships and consequences. His hate becomes all-consuming and eventually is quenched in an unfortunate way.

William H. Coles’ The Surgeon’s Wife is an intensely written story of many facets. This story is a tale of the complexities that lie between honoring your morals and having a sense of loyalty to a colleague. This story can serve as a warning sign to anyone that achieves success to remain humble and not exhibit arrogance, pride, and revenge. Mr. Otherson becomes violent and consumed with hate and rage for his wife and former friend, because of their relationship. He also blamed them for his malpractice. Eventually, he essentially goes crazy stalking his wife and takes his anger out on others. Coles’ writing of Mr. Otherson’s character was sometimes chilling, exciting, and frightening. The Surgeon’s Wife depicts Catherine’s role as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a big name in society, and a woman trying to protect and defend herself. William H. Coles’ The Surgeon’s Wife is full of emotional ups and downs, and I enjoyed going along for the ride.