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Review from Readers’ Favorite FIVE STARS
Seventeen-year-old Darwin Hastings is forced to accept a new lifestyle when his dying aunt sends him to New York to stay with a guardian, who is a wealthy and well-known footballer. Darwin seeks a sense of family and belonging, the type he experienced with his parents when they were still alive. However, he meets a cold atmosphere infused with lavishness, disrespect, stardom, gambling, scandal, and inappropriate sexual urges; Darwin is told he has to earn his keep and is made to stay in a storeroom. While Darwin endeavors to become a doctor like his father, will he be able to maintain his sanity amidst the pressure of fame, wealth, ambition, and sexual tension? Find out in Guardian of Deceit by William H. Coles.

A thrilling coming of age novel! William H. Coles is a master at spinning intricate, well laid out tales that make you feel like a part of the them. The story is hard to predict and includes several themes that are neatly woven together: unrequited love, healthcare fraud, crime, activism, physical abuse, vanity, drug abuse, poker, elitism, and more. Though things don’t turn out like I wanted, I enjoyed how the plot progresses and ends. It is much more realistic and understandable as it is because life doesn’t always obey our expectations. It was quite fun to navigate through the love triangles and the romantic moments; you should definitely expect a considerable level of eroticism. In general, Guardian of Deceit was very exciting and memorable.

The book is narrated by the author. William H. Coles gives each character a unique voice, which provides clarity on which of the characters is speaking at different points. Whenever I heard a change in the speech mannerisms and voice tones, I could point to whom the narrator portrayed. However, some characters’ voices are louder than others, and I had to reduce the volume, which resulted in me having to strain to hear the lower voices as the characters discussed. Still, the fluent and clear pronunciation made my listening smooth and pleasurable to an extent. In fact, both the story and the narration are excellent, and I strongly recommend Guardian of Deceit to anyone seeking a good, exhilarating story.