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Offer number one: the whole book gives you this strange Twilight Zone feel without the supernatural elements, particularly the story Speaking Of The Dead. Definitely far from being supernatural or mystery but it really resembles Twilight Zone and I can’t pinpoint what or why. Majority of the stories in this book gives the similar thrill of the pace of “Closing Time”, one of Neil Gaiman’s shorts.
Offer number two: the stories in this book tackles obscure reality. It deals with guilt, passion, sympathy, compassion, self-doubt, and coming of age. It also depicts events that happened, is happening, and can happen in life. Others might even call it horrors of reality. But aside from the unsettling stories, there are a couple ones that will warm your heart by the end. Will make you think what really is important in life.
Offer number three: I love how the author mixed and molded just enough exaggeration while still making it believable and close to reality. I think it is one of the important characteristics a book should have, the believability of the world, characters, and the story created, especially in fictions. I also love the subtle hints that establish the relationships of characters.
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