Susan Keefe, Midwest Book Review

Oh how the mighty fall…
Multiple award willing literary fiction author William H. Coles has used his life experiences in the worlds of medicine, music, and writing to create this unforgettable thriller filled with mystery and suspense. Creator of a resources website for the authors, illustrators and readers, William Cole lives and writes in Salt Lake City, Utah.
The stories main character Hiram McDowell is a respected surgeon, set on a glorious path to success. However, like many before him, whilst travelling on his meteoric rise to greatness Hiram has no compunction in leaving in his wake the lesser beings (in his opinion), who for a short while have entered his life, fulfilled their roles as wives, sponsors and allies in his rise to fame. An arrogant and self-centred globetrotting celebrity, used to being the centre of attention, he is calculating, ambitious, and domineering towards his children. Highly regarded and used to basking in praised for his good works, he has grown to consider himself invincible, spending his time indulging in his great loves of mountain climbing, music and captivating beautiful women for sex.
Throughout the story it is clear how controlling he is towards his children, yet how much he supports and protects them. However, when as a result of a terrible event his grandson Jeremy is left on life support he takes control to a new level when decides to take things in his own hands, and as a result is accused of an horrendous crime, and given a prison sentence.
Life changing events do just that, and at this point in the story, the character we know as Hiram changes beyond recognition, as he escapes from prison and becomes a fugitive on the run. Crossing America, living inconspicuously in quiet locations, he evolves into someone totally different, kind and caring, with empathy for those whose lives cross his, everything is documented in his biography, but will it ever be published?
Can we escape our past decisions in life, or are they destined forever to define us? This is the question I found myself asking at the end of this absorbing book. Hiram’s character captured my rapt attention from the very first page because of a myriad of reasons, fascination being just one of them. With a totally unexpected end, this story is packed full of mystery and suspense and is one of the best I have ever read.