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Personally, this book has taught me that nothing is ever what it seems and that there is more to life than a successful career and loads of money. The characters in the book are well defined and each and everyone plays a major role in developing this story. A Surgeon’s wife is one of the most tragic stories I have ever read. In the beginning of the story, there was a lot of medical jargon and I got a bit lost but eventually I gained my composure, and the the rest of the story was intelligible. Michael’s success story was very inspiring, despite coming from a humble background and being raised by a single mother, he worked very hard by giving it his all. It shows that being committed and focused on your goals, eventually pays off, and where you come from doesn’t necessarily determine where you are going. The issue of alcohol and substance abuse is also addressed, and the successful rehabilitation of Helen is quite motivating.

There are numerous lessons to be learnt from the characters in this story. Since Otherson financially supported the hospital, top management willingly turned a blind eye to his growing inefficiency which resulted in the loss of a life. It is heartbreaking knowing that this sequence of events is happening daily in our own societies. Wealthy individuals conveniently exchanging money to cover up their failures, and the less fortunate individual paying dearly, sometimes with their life. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars because its relatable, emotional, inspiring and very well written. This book is ideal for anyone that appreciates fiction.

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